Series 04, Episode 06
Air Date Unknown
Writer Unknown
Previous Murderer in the Midst
Next Do The Bite Thing

Bloodbound is the sixth episode of Series 4. It aired on November 27, 2012


The day of the bloodbinding arrives. A reluctant and nervous Vlad prepares to stand by his word and marry Adze. Erin overhears Ramanga and Adze talking about the rings that will kill Vlad at the ceremony. Ramanga proposes to an astonished Ingrid but soon wishes he hasn't and Bertrand uncovers Ramanga's secret gift to Adze. Bertrand interupts the wedding, just before Vlad is about to drink the blood. The wedding is called off on account of Adze and Ramanga's murder scheme. Adze puts the rings on Erin and attempts to use her to get Vlad to bite her by threatening to have Erin jump of the roof if her does not. Right as Vlad is about to bit Adze, Erin breaks throught the ring's control alittle and tells him not to. Adze gets impatient and throws a ball of power at Erin, who falls of the roof. Vlad and Bertrand rush to her aid but Adze uses the dark magic and Erin is fatally wounded.


Bertrand: "stop the ceremony! I have a just cause and impediment"

The Count: "No no I skipped that bit"

Bertrand: "Well go back!"

Ingrid: "Love is for breathers and idiots"


  • The Count shows his protective side when he attacks Ramanga for trying to kill Vlad.
  • Bertrand is shown as being very loyal to Vlad.
  • Erin shows remarkable resistance to the ring's effect.
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