Blood Thief
Series 03, Episode 06
Air Date 15th November 2011
Writer Jemma Field & Emma Reeves
Previous Carpathian Feast
Next Bad to the Bones

Blood Thief is the sixth episode of Series 3. It aired on November 15th, 2011.


Vlad, distracted from his training by thoughts of kissing Erin, asks her on a date. But someone steals from the Count's blood cellar, and the Count grounds them all until the thief is found. He places Wolfie in charge of guarding the cellar. Ingrid tells Wolfie to play dead and let her go in.  Renfield uses his skills to work out who stole from the Count. Bertrand gets an order from the Count, to deliberately give Erin wrong information and lock her outside until dawn, not knowing she is not a vampire that puts Erin in a dangerous situation for both her and Vlad. Vlad rescues Erin although he almost gets fried. The blood thief is revealed to be Ingrid. The Count, having had enough of Ingrid, makes her choose between going to school and being forced out and killed by slayers.
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The Count manipulates Bertrand



  • We see more of Vlad's less confident side.
  • Another more obsessive, dangerous side of Bertrand comes out as he is willing to sacrifice Erin to get the book open.

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