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*[[File:Vlad_power.jpg|thumb|300px|Vlad's powers are failing]][[Count Dracula]] - [[Keith-Lee Castle]]
[[File:Vlad_power.jpg|thumb|300px|Vlad's powers are failing]][[Count Dracula]] - [[Keith-Lee Castle]]
*[[Renfield]] - [[Simon Ludders]]
*[[Renfield]] - [[Simon Ludders]]
*[[Vladimir Dracula]] - [[Gerran Howell]]
*[[Vladimir Dracula]] - [[Gerran Howell]]

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Blood Match
Series 05, Episode 10
Air Date 17th March 2014
Writer Unknown
Previous The Bodyguard
Next Bite Me

Blood Match is the tenth episode of Series 5.

Episode Summary

The family's bedtime routine descends into chaos when they are suddenly set upon by enemies old and new - and Renfield will be sweeping up the dust of at least one fallen vampire before the end of the night.


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