Blood Loyalties
Series 03, Episode 12
Blood Loyalties
Air Date 6th December 2011
Writer Emma Reeves
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Blood Loyalties is the twelfth episode of Series 3. It aired on December 6th, 2011.


Vlad receives a letter from Erin about the Slayer Guild's plans to slay his entire family. Vlad convinces the Count to go on a mission to destroy the Slayers' secret weapon.


A banished Erin goes to the Van Helsings. After passing a lie detector test, she then has to dust a vampire to prove herself – her brother, Ryan! When Erin discovers the weapon and plan to destroy the Draculas, she sends a warning letter to Vlad, explaining that the slayers have a super weapon to use against him, a giant sun lamp. He consults his family and they tell him not to trust her; but he manages to persuade the Count to go with him to the slayer base. Using cunning, Erin frees Ryan with the ashes of another vampire, whom Jonno had slayed, only to find that Ryan is fully changed and loyal to Ingrid. Vlad arrives with the Count to destroy the weapon, and Erin lets them into the slayer's base--they disable the weapon. Jonno finds out Erin has betrayed him. Vlad persuades Erin to run, but as she is leaving, she is kidnapped by a rebellious Bertrand who has also stolen the Praedictum Impaver, believing that Erin's blood will release the last words of the book.


When the Count tells Vlad to leave Erin while they move out of Garside:

Erin: He knows I just saved his unlife, right?

Vlad: Yeah, he knows. He just doesn't care, it's a vampire thing.

Vlad: You never changed, did you? And you never will.

Ingrid: Finally! You're so easy to fool it's almost painful.
I guess it's game on, little brother.

Vlad: Don't try to fight me, Ingrid! I don't want anyone to get hurt.

Ingrid: And that is exactly why I'm going to win. See you at the
final battle Chosen One.



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