Bertrand De Fortunessa is a vampire at least 400 years old. He turns up at the school in Series 3 with the Praedictum Impaver, a book said to only open for the chosen one and give him extra powers. After Vlad gets rid of his first 2 tutors (chosen by the Count) he decides to allow Bertrand to stay in the school and allow him to be his tutor.


Bertrand has the appearance of a man in his early thirties, with dark, wavy hair, blue eyes and a tall muscular build.


Little is known about Bertrand's history. He is over 400 years old and hung around a lot of battles through the centuries. Vlad mentioned to Erin that the reason for this was because he had easy acess to a lot of blood and drank a lot after the battle of Waterloo.


He first shows up at the school with the Praedictum Impaver, and trains Vlad throughout the season. During episode 6 when everyone (except Wolfie and Renfield) is suspected of stealing blood, he discovers that Ingrid is the culprit. However, instead of turning her in, he flirts with her and the two meet up in the wine cellar and he tells her that Erin is visiting her breather boyfriend so that Ingrid tells Vlad. He tells the Count that Vlad fancies Erin, and the Count tells him to lock her on the balcony, but Vlad saves her.

In episode 10, he attempts to stake Ingrid, but is stopped by Vlad, and he warns him not to disobey him again. However, in the series finale, he kidnaps Erin for her blood (which opens the book), but is saved by Vlad again. Bertrand meets up with some other vampires, and he and Ingrid confront each other, and they both attempt to get the book open, by using Renfield's blood. After Vlad, the Count, Erin, the slayers (Johno and his mum) and Wolfie interrupt them, Erin uses her blood to open the book, revealing Sethius. After which, Vlad convinces Bertrand to help them defeat him, and he agrees. After Sethius' death, he picks up something from his ashes (unknown what) while Vlad, the Count and Ingrid are discussing who will have the highest status.

Bertrand will be returning in the fourth season now back on Vlad`s side although Vlad isn`t sure if he can trust him. Bertrand continues in his role as Vlad's advisor and tutor in season 4, helping him with the co-existance by teaching the new rectruits of Vlad's 'SCRAP' regieme. He also carries out an investigation into the murder of Ryan Noble. After the shapeshifter took his form and convinced Adze and Mina to meet with Vlad (a confrontation that ultimately led to Adze's staking by Mina, in self defence), Vlad thinks Bertrand is a traitor. This is added to when the shapeshifter (still in the form of Bertrand) taunts Vlad, who comes to find him after Adze's staking, and tells him of how his father and sister are about to die in the attic. Ultimately Vlad, in his anger of Bertrand's betrayal, stakes the real Bertrand. 


  • He can tell when a man fancies a woman (revealing this when he tells Vlad that he knows that he fancies Erin).
  • He claims to Ingrid that he can always spot a bad girl (during episode 6 after discovering that she was the one who was taking the blood).
  • According to Ingrid, he drinks blood by the gallon.
  • He and Ingrid flirt a few times during the series (series 3)
  • Judging by his name and his accent, it is hinted that he might possibly have a French background (though he most likely is from Translyvania)
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