Bad to the Bones
Series 03, Episode 07
Air Date 21st November 2011
Writer Joe Williams
Previous Blood Thief
Next Bad Vlad

Bad to the Bones is the seventh episode of Series 3. It aired on November 21st, 2011.


Vlad becomes trapped inside the Blood Mirror just as Ramanga, a member of the High Council, arrives...


Vlad becomes trapped inside the Blood Mirror just as Ramanga, a member of the High Council, arrives, called by a signal emitted from the unopened book. He is determined to find out why if Vlad is indeed the Chosen One, he hasn't opened the Praedictum Impaver. Feeling the pressure, Bertrand threatens Vlad, saying he knows his secret. Vlad thinking he means that he knows Erin is a breather hides her. Vlad hears voices in his head, and follows them to a mirror with a gargoyle on each side But Vlad has become trapped inside the Blood Mirror, forcing the family to improvise by creating a fake puppet Vlad, to avoid insulting Remanga even further. Renfield messes up though when he while filling in as Vlad's voice mispronounces Praedictum Impaver, and knocks off the puppet's head. Inside the mirror Vlad battles with his evil reflection, but they leap inside of him, telling him he could be the strongest vampire. Vlad becomes more powerful with each of his 1000 selves and gets out of the mirror just as Ramanga is going to hurt his family and instantly opens the book, and proving himself the Chosen One, telling Ramanga that the time of the vampires is coming.


Vlad's reflection: You're special, Vlad. You don't have one evil reflection...
you have a thousand! Together we will be the most powerful vampire ever!

Once Vlad's evil side has taken over him and he instantly opens the Predictum Impaver:

Ramanga: Master! Reveal to us our destiny!



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