Ability to Perform the paranormal using potions and mixtures of unusual substances
First Appearance Dad's Back
Last Appearance Love Bites
Used by Renfield (Dad's Back, TV Addiction)
Count Dracula (Love Bites)
Vladimir Dracula (Dad's Back)
Renfield Sr. (Dad's Back)

"Second rule of alchemy - always be prepared!"
- Renfield

Alchemy is the making of potions and regeneration of creatures featured in the Young Dracula series. Renfield is very highly skilled at it, as was his father Renfield Sr.

The Two Types of Alchemy

Potion Making
The act of combining substances to make another with the ability to do something paranormal. This can include a magic-type potion such as Le Trappe, or a more scientific-based one like the DNA test in TV Addiction.

The act of making a full living creature from a single part of it.

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