Adze Ramanga
Species: Vampire
Gender: Female
Family: Ramanga
Skin color: Black
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Status: Deceased
First Appearance: Storm in a Blood Cup
Last Appearance: Sun And Heir
Portrayed by: Natasha Stokes

Adze Ramanga was the daughter of Ramanga who Vlad is engaged to. She is furious when Vlad insults her honour and plots revenge against him and Erin. After fatally wounding Erin she is imprisoned but Malik later releases her, so she can lead him and the Count to her father. In Series 4 episode 9 the shapeshifter, taking the form of Bertrand, invites her for a meeting with Mina Van Helsing and Vlad about the ceasefire, however it results in a big confusion and Adze tries to bite Mina, but being a trained slayer Mina stakes Adze in front of Vlad.

NOTE:Thanks to the shatters of Rings of Arianrhod stuck on Erin as a vampire, it is possible that Erin's evil side is a reincarnation of Adze's.


The Adze of the West African Ewe Tribes are known for their ability to turn into a firefly, and their tendency to hunt and stalk children before eating them and drinking their blood. This is probably where the producers of Young Dracula got the name for the character.

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