Adze Ramanga
Species: Vampire
Gender: Female
Family: Ramanga(father, deceased)

Asan Ramanga(younger brother)
Shango Ramanga (older brother)

Skin color: Black
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Black
Status: Deceased (staked by Mina Van Helsing)
First Appearance: Storm in a Blood Cup
Last Appearance: Sun And Heir
Portrayed by: Natasha Stokes
Adze Ramanga was the daughter of Ramanga, younger sister of Shango and older sister of Asan who Vlad was engaged to. She was furious when Vlad insulted her honour, and began to plot revenge against him and Erin.

In "Bloodbound" Adze used the Rings of Arianrhod to control the slayer Erin, forcing her onto the rooftop of Garside Grange. Erin was able to resist the power of the rings. Adze, out of anger, threw a fireball at Erin and the crystals within the rings lodged in Erin's skin.  After fatally wounding Erin, she was imprisoned but Malik later released her, so she could lead him and the Count to her father. 

After her father was defanged, Adze took Ramanga's place on the High Council

In "Sun and Heir" the Shapeshifter, taking the form of Bertrand, invited her for a meeting with Mina Van Helsing and Vlad about the ceasefire, however it resulted in a big confusion and Adze tried to bite Mina, but being a trained slayer Mina staked Adze in front of Vlad.


  • The Adze of the West African Ewe Tribes are known for their ability to turn into a firefly, and their tendency to hunt and stalk children before eating them and drinking their blood.
  • In Madagascan folklore, the ramanga is a living vampire which drinks the blood of nobles.

Family TreeEdit

Adze's family tree

Mrs Ramanga †
Adze Ramanga
Shango Ramanga
Asan Ramanga

See: Ramanga Family

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